8 Responses to “DRONE MAGIC”

  1. Josh A Says:

    Today year 6 went over to the church to watch a drone in action.also when we go there we got told that we would be making a map of everyone buried in the church.When we seen the drone everyone was really excited The man
    Who was flying Jimmy said it costed 25,000. As it took of we felt the wind brush past us a couple of us had a go to fly it. It looked really complicated but they said its quit easy after that they showed us this buggy which tracked the drone by GPS. It also had the spinning thing on the backed which sent out 72,000 lasers out every second. Everyone had the chance to sit in it. We also seen the book which showed us everyone who was buried in the church.

  2. Madison D Says:

    Today year 6 went down to the St Nicholas church and watch what is called a pilot fly a drone, we also learnt all about how the drones work and what the they were X used for, the drones were used to take pictures of buildings that are high and see if the are damaged so people can repair them. We only flew the drone to about 40meters high, I know this because Paige guessed how how to was flying when the man teaching is asked, because she guessed right she got to have a turn at flying the drone, she was actually pretty good. After we had learnt all about the drones we went back to school to have break and eat out snacks. Then we went back to the the church but we went inside of the church this time to see another awesome machine called a laser scanner, this measures nearly the whole of the church do they can then use this for other things. Thank you to mr Jones and Mrs Wallis for organising This and thank you to everyone that came to teach is about all of these intresting machines.

  3. teaghan Says:


  4. Jacob m Says:

    My report on the drone work year 6 done today

    First we went down to church and we were told that the drone was going to take pictures all around the church and we were going to make a map of where the graves are so no one would have trouble finding a grave . The man put the drone on the ground and it was massive he told us that it cost Β£25,000 which I thought was a lot for a drone but it was very good . The man asked how much do we think the drone would go and Paige got it right so she had a go of the drone . The man used the remote and flew the drone up in they air . It had a camera on the drone and it was taking pictures all around the church and we stood by the church door and it took a picture of us . We then went over to this little buggies thing and the man told us it was worth Β£2000 .we all had a sit in it and one of us sat in the drivers seat and one it the passenger seat . But if you were in the passenger seat I think it would be very squashed as there is a little computer right in front of you . There was a piece of equipment on top of the buggie but I forgot was that’s there for . After that we went back to school after break we went back to he church .thud time we went inside the church . They told us that they record the dates and names of people that are buried in st Nicholas church and we had a look at those books and some were in the 1800 . They then brought a little laser thing inside the church and that piece of equipment measured the whole church . The man said the thing on top which was measuring the church span 20 times in one second .

    Thank you who ever organised it

    Thank you jimmy for flying the drone .

    Thank you for letting us sit in the buggie

    Thank you who ever else help to organise it

  5. Zane Says:

    That looks so fun I wish I was there thinking of it how much would it be to buy one I heard that Paige and lib got to fly was it fun hope it was fun and gust to let you now that the boys was jealous the drone look so good (josh) said it was so fun and miss Wallis said it was superb and I bet it was hope you all loved it and hope we get to do it next yearπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  6. Zane Says:

    Wow I wish I was there it looks so cool thinking of how much would it be ow I gust remembered how much it is it was Β£2000 it looks so cool and I wish I was there hope you had a fantastic time and Miss Wallis said it was superb I bet it was I think Mr Jones and miss Harris love it I Hope we get to do it next year by the way the drone look so cool I love the colours

  7. Madeline Says:

    Today year 6 went down to the church. We found out that drones are used to take pictures of buildings from very high and to see if there is any damage to the building. They were trying to make a detailed 3D model and a map using the drone from heights up to 40 metres. We know this because we had to try and guess the height and Paige got it right so she got to fly the drone, it went really high!
    We also saw they had a quad/buggy which shoots 72,000 invisible lasers in seconds. We also all had a chance to sit in it. After that we went back to school to have snack once we had finished we went back to the church and we saw an big,old book and it recorded all the names of people who are buried in the church yard the earliest ones go back to the 1800s! He also told us stories about them books in other places where people didn’t know what they were for and burned them to keep their fire going or when they thought they were useless so threw the books in a river and unfortunately they were lost forever. Finally the last thing we did was they brought in a laser scanner on what seemed like a giant tripod and it scanned to whole church by every millimetre 20 times a second! We had to be very still though as it would mess the picture up a bit. After that we went back to school and told everyone about our amazing opportunity we had.

  8. Liberty Hooley Says:

    Yesterday year 6 went down to St Nicholas church to fly a drone, also we learnt what the drones we actually meant to do and we found out that they were meant for taking pictures of high buildings to make sure they are secure. the highest we flew the drone was 40meters high! I know that because Paige won a competition on who can guess how high the drone was up in the sky and Paiges surprise was to fly the drone. The only people that were allowed to fly the drone was me and Paige. After Paige had flown the drone we went and visited another piece of equipment called a buggy which sends messages out every second but those messages are all related to the drone. After that manic part of the morning we walked back to school, had break, eat out snacks and headed back over to the church. Once we got to the church we went inside to check out our final piece of equipment called a laser scanner. A laser scanner was meant for measuring the whole building with lasers. The laser scanner can also do much more amazing stuff but I forgot what…(oops)
    Thank you to the people who came to the church and taught us all about the magical equipment it was awesome!
    Thank you Mr.Jones for organising this it was extremely fun and interesting

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