The fifth and final Maths Challenge of the year held at Llangan Primary, the culmination of a year’s hard work. The children worked as a team, using their maths skills to solve ‘24’ puzzles, Countdown totals, Real Life problems, Coding and the Broken Calculator Challenge. A bonus round of Musical Maths was sung by Mackenzie’s favourite band One Direction. For example, if your team had already reached the last 16 of the Euro’s how many games would they have to play to reach the final?

Basically the children have to work together and answer the question before any other team, although the clock is not on their side. A series of puzzles then have to be completed, where team work is essential.

St. Nicholas came 4th out of the 12 participating Vale schools, a tremendous achievement, especially considering they were only 1 points away from 3rd place.

Congratulations Joe, Madeline, Jacob and Mackenzie (also Mared) for all the hard work and effort you have put in this year, you can be proud of your achievements.

A note to Year 5’s – if you are willing to put in the time and effort you too could be part of this team next year.


  1. Joe Says:

    Hi mr.g here’s my report on the maths challenge

    On Wednesday we went to llangarn primary school for the last maths challenge of the year when we got there they sent us into the hall and then when all the teams arrived we started first we had a bonus round which we all tryed are best to get but none of us had it so then we went on to 24 which in a lot of them we had but we were not first to get it so then we did countdown and on 1 of them Maddy had the right answer but she didn’t stand up so that was really unlucky then we had to do the things in the pack and the coding we did really well in that we finished the coding and had to numbers left from the things in the pack then we had another bonus round which mac had the right answer for but Maddy got a different answer and Maddy stood up so that was so unfortunate then we did some more 24 rounds

    Thank you mr g for taking us
    Thank you llangarn for hosting the last maths challenge

  2. Jacob m Says:

    Hi mr g here’s my report on the maths challenge

    We went to langanna to do the mat maths challenge . This was the last maths challenge of the year so we had to make it a good one . First we started of with a bonus round and this was one direction dining a song but then they put like plus 7 times by 3 divide by 2 and then u had to do all the sums and see if you get it right at the end . Then we done a few rounds of 24 and you had four numbers and you had to try and make 24 but you had to use all the numbers and you could use any methods or Multiple subtract or divide . We got a few of those right but people got if before us but they were quite difficult . We they done something call count down and you had six numbers and and a target and u didn’t have to use all the numbers and you could use times subtract and divide and if u got z few away from the target you still might get the points . We got a lot of those right but again other schools got it before us . After that we had envelopes on our table and we had a mini kindle thing . On the kindle we had to do coding and you had to match up the moves and try and get from the start to finish . In the envelope we had a thing called the broken calculator and you had a paper calculator and u had a 0 1 2 on the calculator and you also had times and divide and you had to make 8 numbers with that calculator and I think they were 3,4,5,6,7 and 8 but not quite sure. After wards we had a nother bonus round and someone sang a song again and we had to try to get the number again Mac and madeline both thought they had the answer and only one from each school could go up so madeline went up and she got it wrong but when they then said the real answer Mac had got it right . We then done a few more rounds of 24 and we got a few right . That was the end of the last maths challenge of the year . They then had medals so one by one the school went up and got there medals and herb we sat back down . After that they call the 3rd place up and that was st iltyds and then they called up 2nd place and that was langanna . The winners of the maths challenge they then called up and that was st David’s so they had there medals and they got a team trophy .

    Thank you langanna for holding the maths challenge

    Thank you mr g for taking us and letting us go

    Thank you macs mum and Joe dad for doing lifts

    Thank you team for doing well all year

    Thank you anyone who I have missed

    Sorry mr g for being so late done it on Friday really late so didn’t want to post it and completely forgot to on Saturday

  3. Madeline Says:

    Hi mr g here is my report/comment on maths challenge past week
    Our final maths challenge was held in Llangan and it was amazing we had rounds of 24 which is the hardest one in my opinion however we also did countdown and I love that I actually got one if the answers spot on but I didn’t get it in time. We also had a challenge to listens to a one direction (macs favourite band) however they changed the words to maths problems and it was actually pretty difficult

  4. Jacob m Says:

    Well done maths challenge people you have done great all year

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