Thanks to our extremely hard working PFA, tonight’s disco was extremely successful. There was a lot of dancing, eating and socialising and everybody had a great time.


  1. Meg Thomas Says:

    It was so much fun
    Thank you

  2. Ranae Says:

    Thank you the disco was amazing thank you all the staff that took there own time thank you

  3. Millie Says:

    Thank you for the disco it was so much fun and thank you teachers for giving up your time for coming

  4. Ieuan Pugh Says:

    We had a great time at the Disco. It was amazing. Thank you PFA and Teachers for a fun night

  5. Daisy Mason Says:

    Thank you PFA for such a wonderful neon disco I absolutely loved it .
    Thank you teachers who made this happen ,this was a amazing thing to look forward to

  6. Sienna Says:

    It was so fun and the music was great

    Thank you everyone who helped and organized it a d thank you dj

    I had an amazing time and im sued everyone did to

  7. Emily Says:

    Thank you for all the staff and pfa for organising this wonderful disco it was so much fun and also thank you for the disco for playing some awesome music and games for us it ws amazing I liked having tattoos and facepaint it looked so cool thank you for taking up your time to do this marvellous disco I really enjoyed it there was lots of different coulees and neon outfits and some light up torches to see in the dark! The food and drinks was great as well! Thank you for making it a wonderful disco and taking up your time! THANKYOU!

  8. Erin kirby Says:

    Thank you very much for that amazing disco PFA it was excellent! The music was great too. the games were very fun and I enjoyed the games a lot. The best part was the hot dogs they were very TASTY! Everything was very organised well, I loved the disco I wish it had never ended! Thank you everyone for the disco you were very kind for spending a lot of your time for it. THANKYOU!!!!!!!

  9. Robyn kearse Says:

    Thank you very much I enjoyed it very much. the food was amazing. the music was good thank you for organising the disco.

  10. Alex sutton Says:

    It was so good I like the activities I was good at high rops and neon disco I was in room 4 this time I like the swimming pool as week it was so much fun in llandganog.
    I’m glad I made it home😂

  11. Rudi king Says:

    thank you so much my favourite part was when Aladdin and princess jasmine went on the magic carpet.

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