1. Harvey Says:

    Thanks to all the teachers for letting us do christingles it was great fun.
    us older ones had to help the little ones with was good so they learnt all about Chris tingle and what it represents
    The orange – is the world
    The red tape – the blood of Jesus
    4 sticks – north , east south and west
    Fruit – harvest
    Foil – reflect the light of Jesus
    Thank you all the teacher again

  2. Millie Says:

    Thanks for the teachers for letting us make christingles it was a lot of fun and us older ones had to teach the younger ones to make them if they have not made them before and we had to teach them what each thing on the christingles represent. The orange represents the world God made the red ribbon around the christingle represents the blood of Jesus when he died on the cross for us and the candle represents that Jesus is the light of the world and the dried fruit and sweets on cocktail sticks pushed into the orange representing the fruits of the earth and the four seasons and north east south west.

  3. Sienna Parsons Says:

    Thank you teachers for letting us make christingles it was really fun !

    Us older who’s helped out with the little ones because they hadn’t did it before and we have so we did there’s before we did ours

    After we helped the little ones we made our own and by the time we did ours there wasn’t many lead but that was ok

    Before we started we had a talk about what the Christingles meant and we learn that the

    Candle represents Jesus light of the world

    Red ribbon represents his blood

    The foil represents the light which reflects on us

    The 4 cocktail sticks represents 2 things which are the 4 directions which are north , east , south and west and the other is the 4 season

    The sweets / fruits represents harvest

    And the orenge represents the world

    My favourite part was making the christingles and my partner was Jackson and he was really funny and did an amazing job for his first time

    Thank you staff and teachers for Buying the things to make the christingles with and letting us actually make them

    Thank you all

  4. Meg Says:

    This is my mini report on the Christingle’s!

    On the 19th December 2018 the whole school made Christingle’s, we talked about the meaning of the orange, the candle, the foil, the sticks, the fruits and the red ribbon.
    Here are the meanings:
    Orange-The world
    Candle-Jesus is the light of the world
    Foil-Reflect the light of Jesus
    Sticks-North, East, South and West
    Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring
    Fruit-The fruits of the world
    Ribbon-The pain and blood of Jesus.
    Once we had gone through that you had to sit down with your partner and start, my partner was Mason, it was pretty simple for us year 6’s because we have done it for 7 years but it was still really fun.
    How to make a Christingle:
    . Put red ribbon around your Christingle
    . Put the foil inside the orange and place the candle inside
    . Take four sticks and put them around the Christingle
    . Put 4 sweets/dried fruit on each stick
    And that’s how you make a Christingle!

    Thank you so much
    And Mrs Evans for setting up the hall and making the morning really fun!


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