1. Siena Jones 💖 Says:

    Thankyou so much to all the teachers who taught us all swimming lessons and I can’t wait for next Tuesday

  2. katie Says:

    thankyou so much for bringing us there it was so fun i enjoyed it so much so exited to go next tuesday

  3. Emily Says:

    thankyou to all the swimming teaches for teaching swimming i cant wait for tuesday!

  4. Frankie Says:

    thank you to all the teachers and I was with andy/elvis and he is really funny cant wait for next time.

  5. Sienna Parsons Says:

    Week 1 was our first lesson and it was really fun !

    Week 1 was amazing the whole class was super excited and couldn’t wait ! We talked about it in school intill the time came when it was time to go everyone rushed to get there bags and it literally took us 5 seconds to get us ready and when walked to the bus and went !

    We couldn’t wait any longer we were so excited and when we went in we got change super fast to get in the pool

    When we sat down in there we were literally jumping of our sits in excitement it was amazing as our teachers walked over to us we were so ready to go jumping in the pool but first we had to sort out groups

    We had the swimming teachers sort us in to groups and the people who couldn’t really swim and needed a bit of support but could still swim would go in Elvis ( Andys ) group and people who could swim but couldn’t do strokes like butterfly and other would go in rusty ( Russel ) group and for the people who could do that stoke whould go in sams group .

    I’m in sams group because I all ready been swimming lessons and I passed all my waves and actually Andy ( elvis ) teached me in my local swimming centre

    Swimming and being in sams group has been amazing

    Our group and rustys group has been in the deep pool and the other group ( elvis group) has been in the pool which I’ve I stand up it’s up to my wast !!

    Week 1 was amazing and all the other weeks to

    Thank you soo much to everyone and I really don’t want to leave swimming an I think next week ( week 6 ) is our last week swimming in the that pool but the week after ( week 7 ) the the week we’re we go in the fun pool so excited

    I will definitely miss going every Tuesday

    Thank you

    – Sienna

  6. Meg Says:

    Week 1

    On the first week it was so nerveracking and exiting because you didn’t have a clue what was gonna happen!

    When we first arrived everyone was buzzing with excitement and talking so load people couldn’t hear them self think. When we went into the pool area we all sat down and listened to the instructors so they could put us into groups, if you could do breaststroke and butterfly then you were in Sams group, if you could do breaststroke but not butterfly then you were in Russell’s group and if you couldn’t really do any of them then you were in Andes group. I was in Sams group with some other people and the first thing we did was a few lengths. Being in Sams group has been the best and I will definitely miss her and going swimming every Tuesday!!!

    Thank you everyone and I’m certain nobody wants to leave but next week (week 6) is our last week in the swimming pool unless we don’t get everything finished and then in week 7 we might go in the fun pool. So excited!!!


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