Why not test your knowledge of Easter? Have  go at this interesting quiz?

It is a multiple choice quiz but please feel free to extend your answers with a little explanation.

Good luck and answers to be handed in on Monday 29th April. Good Luck!


  1. The word ‘Easter’ comes from the name of an Anglo-Saxon……………?
  2. A) Goddess
  3. B) God
  4. C) Food


  1. Easter Sunday is preceded by a 40 day period called……………?
  2. A) Advent
  3. B) Whitson
  4. C) Lent


  1. The Thursday immediately before Easter Sunday is called ‘Maundy Thursday’?
  2. A) True
  3. B) False


  1. All over the world, Easter is always celebrated in April?
  2. A) True
  3. B) False


  1. The Cadbury chocolate company made their first chocolate Easter Egg in?
  2. A) 1875
  3. B) 1925
  4. C) 1965


  1. Cadbury first started making their famous gooey ‘Cream Egg’ in ……………?
  2. A) 1951
  3. B) 1971
  4. C) 1991


  1. The famous ’Easter Egg Roll’ at the White House (which started in 1878) has a claim to fame about being the longest running annual presidential tradition?
  2. A) True
  3. B) False


  1. In April 2012, a record breaking chocolate egg was made which weighed?
  2. A) 2000kgs
  3. B) 4000kgs
  4. C) 6000kgs


  1. The origins of the Easter Bunny can be traced back to the region of?
  2. A) France
  3. B) England
  4. C) Canada


  1. What was the name of the 2011 animated movie all about a young rabbit who does not want to become the Easter Bunny?
  2. A) Hip
  3. B) Hop
  4. C) Hip Hop



  1. What was the purpose of the Easter Act passed in 1928 by Parliament in the United Kingdom?
  2. A) Make the Easter bunny the official animal for Easter
  3. B) Declare chocolate the official candy for Easter
  4. C) Establish a fixed date for Easter
  5. D) Declare that Easter must be observed as a religious holiday


  1. What kind of cloth was used to wrap the body of Jesus?
  2. A) Wool
  3. B) Linen
  4. C) Cotton
  5. D) Silk


  1. Which disciple is not present when Jesus goes to see them after his resurrection?
  2. A) Thomas
  3. B) Simon
  4. C) Paul
  5. D) Peter


  1. Which prisoner was released instead of Jesus?
  2. A) Barabbas
  3. B) Barnabas
  4. C) Bartholomew
  5. D) Barak



  1. What is the name of the hill where they crucified Jesus?
  2. A) Gethsemane
  3. B) Golgotha
  4. C) Gideon
  5. D) Ararat