Welcome to our new blog. We hope you find the blog a fun and convenient way to find out what exciting activities your child has been enjoying.

Ruth Wiltshire

27 Responses to “About”

  1. Jane Fambely Says:

    I love the new blog, it’s fantastic! I have followed to make sure I don’t miss anything.

  2. Nicola friston-kemble Says:

    Loving the blog.great pictures.x

  3. Joshua Murray Says:

    The new blog is amazing love the pictures.

  4. Elliot Says:

    The blog is awesome

  5. Paige Says:

    Mr. G,
    I’ve wrote my netball report here.

    I had a great time at the Dragon tournament, I played four games altogether and my position was GD. (Goal-Defence). The best we came was 4th I was hot and tired after all of the games. The playing space was massive it had hard wooden floor and markings for the game. I think all of the netball team came so we had to split into two teams, one Light Blue and the other Dark Blue. Thanks to Miss Ecket and Mr. G for organizing the trip.

  6. Georgia Stacey πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ Says:

    Hi Mr.G how many comments have I done ?

  7. Georgia Stacey Says:


    So we left school a bit late and headed off it was about an hour there and then we stopped at the services and had lunch outside but it decided to rain so we all had to eat under the tree then we went shopping and I got a pick a mix which was a lot of money then we got back on the coach and headed off to Portsmouth when we got there we visited the HMS victory boat which was very fascinating and had 8 decks then we drove to the port and I bought a slush then hang around for a while then we went through security then went on the 30 second bus to the ferry the bus was very crowded but it wasn’t long on there we pulled up and walked up a very steep slope to get on the ferry. Once we got on the ferry we had dinner then went to our cabin when it was time to go to sleep everyone slept on the floor when we woke up at I think 5:45 we went for breakfast for 6 then once we had our breakfast we arrived at France. Thank you Mr. Jones Mrs.wallis Mrs.foreacer Mrs. mills and Mr.D for taking us to France it was a very tiring but exciting journey
    France DAY1: we woke up very early and had breakfast then we visited St.Marlo and went to the beach on the beach Grace and i were doing gymnastics and Caitlin was taking photos then we got on the bus and went to our room place i found out that i was in a room with my two best friends Mia and Olivia S we were just hanging around our room and outside that day
    Day 2 : we woke up went for breakfast and then in went horse riding it was really fun and mine and Olivia’s horse was called Bonsai Olivia sat on the horse and i had to guide it but it was hard and funny because the horse was chasing me at the end i got a fly stuck in my eye and Mrs. Wallis gad to get it out with her nail
    Day 3: in the morning we just hang out and in the afternoon we did a land art activity and i had a bird snail type of thing out of clay
    Day 4: that morning we visited the French school and they are very talented then after that we went to RenΓ© shopping had a go on the merry-go-round and got a free ice-cream and drink from the teachers THANKYOU
    Day 5: we woke up had breakfast and headed back home


  8. Jacob williams Says:

    Best school term ever !

  9. Oli Says:

    I’m on the blog Mr G! Oli

  10. Sienna parsons Says:

    The new blog is great

  11. Maddy Chelmis Says:

    Hello! It’s been a while since I have been on this website. Nice new design.

  12. Missie Says:

    The blog is great

  13. Toby Says:

    The blog is great

  14. Grace Slee Says:

    This is my report about the Summer Councert!!!!

    On Wednesday and Thursday we had a great Summer Councert and it was all about each class and what we do in each class. Class 1 was Pirates and Mermaids and the girls were the Mermaids and the boys were the Pirates and they had 4 songs 1 both of them sang, 2 Pirates song called Avasy Ahoy, 3 Mermaids song called Out of your leag that’s my favourite, and last of all 4 Pirates and the Mermaids song they were all holding hands and singing.
    Class 2 Were singing as well they were singing If you can walk you can dance, Take 5 styles and there carnival and it was very very very well done because I can’t even remember anything or moves from it.
    Class 3 done a dance on things in the Roman time so animals and much more. Class 4 done a X Factor and there was a special guest called Henrry the 8th he was being very mean to people but it was very good. At the end there was a song which we all sang but Class 4 were on stage and year 6 were all singing in the front.Well done everyone and all the staff who came up with all the lines.

  15. Sienna Says:

    Report on fireman visit on the 13/02/17

    It was amazing I relly like it I couldn’t fine the picture of it

    I like the big when we had to get in a group and guest what would catch on fire.All it was fun and I like what Sophie put on the soot and I didn’t now that they have metal bits at the ends it was relly fun and sorry that this was shot and thank you fireman Christ and fireman Tom


  16. Siena Jones Says:

    I love the fact that the school has made a blog it is interesting and I love to comment all the time

  17. Thea Beattie Says:

    hey st nic just wondering if you need any help tomorrow since i have an inset day??

  18. Lola Says:

    this is my report on the firemen yesterday

    first they showed us how quickly a fire could burn down an entire bedroom in 2.43 minutes then they dressed zach up in fire men gear he looked great then we timed di the fireman how long did it take him to put on gear and it was only 47 seconds
    then he gave us all workbooks

  19. Lola Says:

    My Food bank fact

    A typical food box contains a minimum of three days’ nutritionally balanced, non-perishable food such UHT milk, pasta and rice and tins of sauces, vegetables and meat. This amount of staple foods will be a start for the person to build on and add their own ingredients to make healthy nutritious meals for themselves and their family.

    Food banks are important to me because I know that if any family has problems with money and can’t buy enough food they can go to food bank to help them. Food banks often provide advice and guidance also, so they people can can access to the right services they need in order to support them in the long term.

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